Wadswick Country Store

Many farm strips are hard to find, both in real life and on satellite imagery. Wadswick is one of these places!

Located in Wiltshire around 7 miles East of Bath and just outside RAF Colerne’s zone, Wadswick is a short, sloped and narrow strip maintained and operated by  Wadswick Country Store.

The runway is orientated 10/28 and is approximately 500 metres long. The 28 threshold is markedly lower than 10 and you cannot see either end from each other. There is also a public footpath that crosses the runway at 90 degrees around half way along.

The site is amongst some quite busy farmland and is actually all very compact, helping to make it difficult to spot from the air as you can see in the image below.

The strip itself is always in decent condition and there is a small area available for parking along the southern edge near the large barns next to the Store. I have visited twice now, once in a Cessna 172SP and most recently in a Piper Warrior, both with two POB.

I would recommend visiting Wadswick if you’re a confident strip flyer as both finding it and getting in and out successfully can be a nice challenge. What’s particularly noticeable to some at first is the narrowing of the nearest obstacles towards the mid point. At its narrowest there is a wall and a barn only a few metres to the South and often mature cereal crop to the North. See the header image at the top for a visualisation of the barn and it’s proximity to the runway.

Wadswick Country Store itself has a very good cafe serving sweet and savoury food and a good selection of drinks. Ten pounds goes into the Air Ambulance charity tin at the cash desk as a landing fee. The store itself deals in the higher end of country wear, meaning I can’t afford to shop there and instead go to Countrywide! There’s a large equine section and a gun room with a small selection of quite pricey shotguns and rifles.

Worth a visit.

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