Welcome to steerwithmyrear!

Welcome to steerwithmyrear, a blog on topics to do with general aviation in the United Kingdom.

You can find out about aerobatics, places to fly, engineering and looking after aircraft as well as aviation equipment.

Sometimes I post about just how damn great aviation is!

About me

I’ve had a passion for aviation since I knew what it was. Both my parents were in the RAF and I was fortunate enough to grow up in and around aircraft.

I hold an EASA LAPL with tailwheel and aerobatics ratings. For the past few years I have flown the American Champion Citabria with Freedom Aviation from Cotswold Airport. Now I am lucky enough to have access to an Van’s RV-6 that I fly regularly. I work in marketing, do a bit of my own on the side and am also an Airbnb Superhost with my wife.

This blog is intended to highlight general aviation in the UK, offering inspiration to those who might want to get involved and helping to portray GA in a positive manner.

Find me on Twitter or Instagram @steerwithmyrear.

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