American Champion 7ECA (Citabria)

The Citabria is a light single-engine, two-seat, fixed conventional gearairplane which entered production in the United States in 1964. Designed for flight training, utility and personal use, it is capable of sustaining aerobatic stresses from +5g to -2g. Its name spelled backwards, “airbatic”, reflects this.

The Citabria is a great starter aircraft for anybody learning tail wheel flying. There’s an almost unobstructed view over the cowling when taxiing (depending on your height) and steering and braking are simple. These areas can be the most hazardous aspects of tail wheel ops.

It is capable of -2/+5G and can easily perform loops, rolls, hammerheads, spins, cuban eights and other standard aerobatic maneuvers. With a 115hp non-inverted engine, some of these require careful energy management and good flying skill.

This particular Citabria is equipped with:

  • Garmin SL40 Comm
  • Garmin GPS496
  • Garmin GTX328 Transponder
  • PS Engineering PM3000 Intercom

More information can be found on Freedom Aviation’s website.


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