First Week of RV Aerobatics

After many days waiting because of bad weather and early nights, I finally took the RV upside down. The footage below is from the second aerobatic flight, as both GoPro cameras went tech during the first flight.

Sky Echo – Poor Man’s TCAS!

This is a very short look at the practicalities of the, now replaced, uAvionix Sky Echo ADS-B in/out device. Originally around £600 I got hold of one for a fraction of that price as I wanted another GPS unit to feed SkyDemon, with the added benefit of being able to see some traffic at the…

Taildragger Technique: Wheeler Landings

Originally posted on Freedom Aviation Blog:
Originally written by Tony Markl, the article below has been edited and adapted by Benjamin Ward for application in the UK. Tony Markl was a very experienced tail-wheel instructor, clocking up over 17,000hrs in over 40 types of tail wheel aircraft. The original article can be found here. One of the…

The Magic of Flight

Two mates cruising around the Cotswolds at 160mph, with the sky all to themselves.