First Week of RV Aerobatics

After many days waiting because of bad weather and early nights, I finally took the RV upside down. The footage below is from the second aerobatic flight, as both GoPro cameras went tech during the first flight.

Sky Echo – Poor Man’s TCAS!

This is a very short look at the practicalities of the, now replaced, uAvionix Sky Echo ADS-B in/out device. Originally around £600 I got hold of one for a fraction of that price as I wanted another GPS unit to feed SkyDemon, with the added benefit of being able to see some traffic at the…

Taildragger Technique: Wheeler Landings

Originally posted on Freedom Aviation Blog:
Originally written by Tony Markl, the article below has been edited and adapted by Benjamin Ward for application in the UK. Tony Markl was a very experienced tail-wheel instructor, clocking up over 17,000hrs in over 40 types of tail wheel aircraft. The original article can be found here. One of the…