Classic Motor Hub: Italian Day

Italy was the theme for the first of the main season Coffee & Classics events at The Classic Motor Hub.

The day turned out to be one of the best attended that I’ve seen so far, with some fantastic examples of Italy’s automotive heritage in attendance, plus the usual excitable atmosphere. Highlights included Nick Mason’s Ferrari 250MM and Maserati Tipo 61 as well as an F40, F50, 275GTB and 250GTE from Bob Houghton of Northleach.

Bob Houghton’s F50

The visiting car selection was full of surprises, too. You know its going to be a special day when you see Dinos parked ‘out back’ in the main visitor car park! Lamborghini lovers were catered for with quality rather than quantity; examples of the Countach and Diablo making appearances as well as more modern designs like a Gallardo Superleggera (I think).

A Hub regular was back with his little gem; a Ferrari 166MM. A truly gorgeous car. From the angle below you can see how the term ‘barchetta‘ came to be. The phrase was coined give an explanation to the lines and overall styling of two seat open top or convertible cars. If you photo-shopped out the wheel and added a water line lapping the wheel arch, you’d be forgiven for thinking it really was a ‘little boat‘.

The Classic Motor Hub is equipped with two food and drink areas, turning out hot and cold drinks, cakes and more, whilst they also invite other local producers including one of my favourites, the Cotswold Pudding and Pie company. They sell brilliant scotch eggs, pies and other savoury snacks!

A big thanks must go out to the team at the Hub, plus it’s many volunteers, for putting on a cracking event. See the full list of events here.

Enough words, now more photos.

A brace of 328GTS and what I think is an Alfa GT Junior
Nick Mason’s 250MM
Allen Millyard’s moster 8.0 litre V10 motorbike

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