Permit Renewal

There isn’t a whole lot of anecdotal information documented about LAA Permit Renewals so I figured that I’d write something, to help me remember things for next year as well as provide some information for others. Thanks to Matthew Boddington at Sywell for all his assistance.

Tail Inspection

There are two Service Bulletins out on the RV-6 for cracks in the rear end spars.

Inspection for cracks in the Elevator Forward Spar

Inspection for cracks in the Tailplane Front Spar

This cover was the first to come off and a good look around the inside with a bright torch to check for any signs of cracks, as well as debris etc.

Tailplane / Vertical Stab Cover Removal
Tailplane / Vertical Stab Cover Removal

Main Gear Spats

Operating any aircraft with wheel spats from soft fields will inevitably lead to a build up of grass and mud. Taking the spats off is the only way to clear them out and obviously give the wheels themselves a good look over. Brake dust and oil accumulate on the hub, around the brakes and the bottom of the gear leg which is easily cleaned with a paintbrush and some avgas.


Do you really have a carb heat?

An interesting point is what type of heating your carburettor gets when you pull the carb heat lever. This O-320 would get a steady 20-30RPM drop when carb heat was engaged, which I noted as being way lower than expected from experience on previous aircraft. Upon removing the cowling it was apparent that this particular set up utilises the slightly warmer ambient air inside the engine compartment as the alternate air source. A traditional sleeve and scat pipe set up is not used here.



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