On Sunday 21 March we decided to visit Turweston, to practice some into wind hard runway flying after a cold front blew through.

First impressions were very positive, the team in the tower were incredibly friendly and the airfield itself is in wonderful condition. One of the highlights is definitely the modern control tower, which I first mistook for some kind of hotel.

There are a few noise sensitive areas in the immediate vicinity and getting to Turweston from the South West requires some weaving around parachute sites, Oxford’s approach and RAF Croughton.


The cafe has brilliant views out over the runway and apron, however we missed the best time of the day for food and drink as we arrived just 15 minutes before the cafe closed.

Turweston is very much on my list of places to go for a quick land away, being barely 20 minutes from our base.

A definite 4/5!

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