Oaksey Park

Oaksey is the airfield where Freedom’s Citabria is based, just outside the Kemble zone to the South East.

Whilst not a ‘farm strip’ in the traditional sense, it still is a privately owned airfield that most PPL flyers won’t ever know much about. The runways are in excellent condition but there are various things to know listed below before using them. I must say landing on RWY 35 diving down over the tree tops is quite fun, so long as your speed is under control, as a go around wouldn’t go unnoticed by the neighbours.

RWY 04/22 – 850 × 25m Grass Unlicensed

R04: starter extension of 120m available. No circuits whatsoever. Join on downwind leg south of field. R04 right-hand circuit. R22 left-hand circuit. Avoid all local villages. 15 degree right turn asap after take-off on R04 & R22.

RWY 17/35 – 785 × 20m Grass Unlicensed. R17 take-off only. R35 landing only.

Oaksey contains a seriously interesting array of aircraft, from Piper Cubs to a Bell 206 Jetranger and many other types in between. I have yet to get inside all of the hangars to see what more is lurking behind the many shutter doors.

Below: Lauren Richardson‘s Pitts S1A is a resident.


Below: This Ryan has an interesting story. Built in 1940, it started life with the Dutch Navy and operated on floats, based out in the Far East. It escaped Japanese advances during the Second World War and reached Australia, where she operated for the remainder of the War.

Now geeks like me admire her!


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