Farm stripping: Ledbury

Trip report: Ledbury is an 830m strip running 07/25, on the edge of the Gloucestershire/Herefordshire border in proper ‘cider country’. Privately owned, the airfield has two hangars housing a small number of GA aircraft. It’s a pretty clear approach and a fun strip to fly in to, past the orchards and vineyards along the way. (UK’s Napa Valley?!) Great footpaths mean you can easily get around; a good local pub is The Royal Oak approx 1.5 miles on footpaths. I’ll definitely be returning for a Sunday roast. Landing fee goes in a post box in the ‘terminal’ and there’s no frequency so call safety com on 135.475.

Ledbury ReporterAbove: The Ledbury Reporter contacted me on Instagram to ask whether I could submit a photo from the trip to their reader’s letters section.

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